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24-7 High Country Radio

"High Country Radio"                              

Internet Radio here, All day, every day and All night, every night.  

Country & Western Gospel Music and Sound Bible teaching

Country Gospel artists such as; George Jones, LeAnn Rimes, The Statler Brothers, Allan Jackson, Randy Travis, Gail Cogburn, Ron Nagle,  Gayla Earlene, Rocky Morris, Evidence, Jan Harbuck, The Lokey Sisters, Michael Phillips, Ty Hodges, Gary Schoening and many more.

“High Country Radio”...

with your radio DJ, Bible teacher and host; B. Keith Chadwell

“High Country Radio” features a wide variety of: Country and Western gospel artists with their songs and music from the past and present

We will also feature some, appropriate, Cowboy Poetry… With "Bible Nuggets" and short "Open Range Bible Teachings" along the way. 

The latch string will be out, for you...

Song Submissions: Submit your .mp3 songs and relative information to; keith@highcountryministry.com   CD's can be submitted, however, please e-mail your CD submission requests, first, to obtain shipping address information. We will review all songs submitted and if a song or songs are selected we will add them to our, extensive,  library of Country/Western Gospel songs that we play on "High Country Radio" 24/7.  We, encourage new or upcoming artists to consider submitting the best of their songs. 

We, especially, like to feature songs that emphasize the work of Jesus in us now ("Christ in us, the hope of glory") and songs with a message for today.


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